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Discover the Benefits of a Ceramic Artist Retreat or Residency

NEW at eARTh Studios in Nelson, BC

Diane’s enthusiasm for clay is infectious. This, and her passion for creating community engagement, make eARTh Studios an ideal destination for aspiring and established ceramic artists. In addition, her artist retreats and residencies are renowned for fostering a connection with both divine inspiration and other artists. 

Nestled in the heart of Nelson, BC, eARTh Studios offers a serene haven for artists seeking inspiration. Its one-bedroom luxury suite provides a comfortable retreat, while its proximity to downtown Nelson ensures easy access to amenities. The breathtaking view of the lake and the tranquil atmosphere of the forest trails at its doorstep create an environment that fosters artistic inspiration and focus, allowing artists to immerse themselves fully in their creative journey.

Visiting artists are free to devote uninterrupted time to their craft, pushing the boundaries of their artistic expression. At eARTh Studios, ceramic artists have the opportunity to explore new techniques, experiment with materials, and develop innovative ideas. For many, the residency has been a catalyst for artistic growth, offering a transformative experience that can elevate an artist’s practice to new heights.

eARTh Studios, with its state-of-the-art facility, offers an electric kiln, extruder, slab roller and an inventive array of tools; oh, and let’s not forget Diane’s depth of multidisciplinary experience plus her engaging and generous mentorship. This dedicated space allows artists to fully immerse themselves in their ceramic art, free from the constraints of their regular studio. The availability of resources and equipment ensures that artists have everything they need to bring their creative visions to life.

A ceramic artist retreat/residency at eARTh Studio opens doors for professional collaboration. eARTh Studios facilitates networking with the local art community, enabling artists to connect with like-minded individuals, participate in workshops, and engage in meaningful community. Collaborative opportunities with fellow artists spark creative dialogue and provide avenues for learning and inspiration.

eARTh Studios serves as a bridge between artists and the community, offering opportunities for artists to showcase their work. Exhibitions, open studios, and public events provide artists with opportunities to gain exposure and share their creative journey with a broader audience. This exposure can be instrumental in building an artist’s reputation and advancing their career,

 A ceramic artist retreat or residency at eARTh Studios presents a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth opportunity. The serene setting, a well-equipped ceramics studio and collaborative atmosphere are what a potter’s dreams are made of. Embrace the benefits of a ceramic artist retreat or longer residency, immerse yourself in your creative process, and explore new artistic possibilities.

Explore the allure of eARTh Studios in Nelson, BC, where ceramic artists are nurtured in their professional growth, networking opportunities, community engagement, and exposure. Everything is waiting for you!



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