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Learning and creating under the encouraging eyes of Diane was an absolute pleasure. She understands the beginner mind in all of her direction and draws us into the story of clay. It is not just a lump on the wheel but a living organic mass that has been millions of years in the making. Once it is all said and done I find myself wanting to dive deeper into its existence and continue to learn in her studio.
pottery art vacation nelson
Allison B
I have taken many pottery classes in my time. My best experience by far was at eARTh Studios with Diane. Diane is a natural teacher with decades of experience and it shows. Her new teaching studio is well-equipped, serene, inspiring, and enjoyable to work in. She orders the best clay for its intended purpose (wheel or hand building) and her glazes are both gorgeous and reliable. No matter where you are in your clay journey, Diane will be able to help you move forward. Whether you are an absolute beginner or seasoned veteran, hand-builder or wheel-thrower, young or old, there will be a class for you. Diane's warm and encouraging nature, coupled with her unending patience will make you feel at ease (even when the clay is "not co-operating"). I can not recommend eARTh Studios enough.
pottery art vacation nelson
Sherry Lynn MacGregor
Hand built mug was a great night out for my partner and I. Diane was an incredible teacher and it was clear she loves what she does to the point of contagion. Will be back!
pottery art vacation nelson
Levi Shimer-Whitehead
I highly recommend pottery classes with eARTh Studios! Diane has the gift of sharing her passion! His great experience and deep knowledge ensure high quality courses and rich learning. Thank you for sharing, you have inspired me a lot and you have certainly ignited this desire to connect me more with the earth. Thanks!
pottery art vacation nelson
Rachel Paquette
Great experience! Each of the classes was full of challenges but also a great opportunity to connect with yourself and the earth element. Thanks to Diane for sharing this beautiful workshop with us to learn. Your love for this art is feltI really recommend eArt Studio.
pottery art vacation nelson
Valerie Brochu

Don't wait to start your next art escape!