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Artist Residency

Has the muse got a hold of you but your wallet only  says “maybe”?  Well, there’s good news.  Avid (let’s just say it—addicted) potters may be eligible for grants for a Ceramic Residency. Grant applications may be made to institutions, government agencies, foundations, universities in your country/province of origin to assist with funding during your stay. 

We provide private accommodation. The Gallery Suite can accommodate one resident at a time. We welcome ceramicists in different stages in their lives to live, work and grow artistically. Artists in residence have full access to earth studios when classes are not in session and depending on the individual, you might have an opportunity to teach. 

We are a small and intimate operation so we are unable to provide daily cleaning of the studio or suite.  Although meals are not included, there is a full kitchen to prepare your own. Nelson offers a wonderful array of shops that sell home grown and organic food.

In the spirit of eARTH Studio’s culture of respect and cooperation we ask Residencies to maintain their studio space, rooms, and shared common areas in a clean and tidy manner.  Chaos can be hard on everyone’s creativity but harmony makes it flow.  When we all get along, we can focus fully on fun and creativity.

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars (CAD).  

Successful grant recipients are responsible for paying the accommodation and studio fees, as well as the full cost of travel, and material

fees. Awards are based on the benefit gained by participation in the residency program. Grant applications are open to everyone.  

To Apply for a residency at  eARTH Studios send us a letter of interest  that outlines your ceramic back ground and interest and indicate that  you are applying for a grant from government or non-profit organization.  

*Partial subsidies may be available in exchange for studio maintenance and development depending on the time of year. 

Private Residency: 

One week – Accommodation $800

Studio use fee $400 Pre-arranged studio use when classes are not in session)

* We are now charging a cleaning fee of $100 per person using the residency. 

eARTh Studios is a fully functioning ceramic studio. 

It is equipped with shelf storage,  work sink, wedging tables, fans, dehumidifier, lots of natural and artificial light, and a washroom. 

  • There are Shimpo wheels
  •  Skutt kiln, (cone 6 Electric)
  • Recycling system, handbuilding tools, textures, stamps etc
  •  Slab Roller
  • Extruder.
  • Sculpting stand 

Everything is waiting for you! 

Additional costs: Clay, glazes, firing TBA (user dependent)

These rates are based on a minimum week long stay.  

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Artist Residency


My experience as a student doing an Art-cation was so meaningful…I saw how in centering you become one. With my eyes I could see how Diane lives, breathes with the earth, with the clay! Her warm kind patient heart taught me along with Sierra to create the most amazing pottery that will live forever. Our pots do bare our spirits into the world. I am so grateful and am already looking forward to continuing to explore. I’ve learnt from the best…let the fire within go into explosion and keep exploring your passion for pottery! – Giselle Marion December 2022